3 Simple Steps to Healthy Skin

Hey there, beauties! 👋

I am finally back today with another post for y’all! 🙌 In today’s post, we’ll be going back to the basics and talking about the simple, yet effective, steps in maintaining clear and healthy skin – cleanse, tone, moisturise. Yep, that’s it! Let’s start! 🏃


(Note: a more in depth post of my personal skincare routine will be coming soon)

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Autumn Beauty Tips

Hey guys!

While the makeup melting months of summer are over, my makeup is still melting off… Thanks, Sydney! ☀
While I can’t wait for autumn to truly come around so I can pull out all my comfortable, soft sweaters, we need to be prepared for the few beauty complications that comes along with the colder season 🍁🍃

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Travel Carry-On Essentials (Part 1)

Hi guys!

The holiday season is edging in closer and since some of us (myself included) would be doing a bit of travelling, I thought I’d do a carry-on essentials for y’all!

I’d be flying out to Asia, which means roughly an 8 hour flight, followed by another 2 hour flight ✈
For this long flight, having certain items in reach is a must for me. Of course, everyone has different needs for different flights, but here’s my personal essentials to give you an idea and get you started.


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